The company R&M International Poland Leonard Szczuka was founded in 1998. The company’s headquarters is located in Olesno Opolskie.

Before establishing the current company, Leonard Szczuka was the co-owner of R&M International Germany, which was also dealing with the transportation of damaged and recovered vehicles. Therefore, the company has more than thirty years of experience and knowledge in the field of transportation.


Our company is created by professionally trained employees in the fields of transportation and logistics. We constantly invest time and resources in increasing our professional qualifications through various types of trainings and courses.

We are able to become a reliable business partner for everyone including the individual clients with our excellent theoretical and practical background. Route planning and control of our vehicles are conducted regularly by our specialized staff in order to increase the efficiency and quality of services.

The company employs drivers with multiple experiences in both domestic and international transportation. All employees are trained and have appropriate knowledge that guarantees the most proper performance of services.

As a company, we are equipped with all means of communication, each of our drivers has a mobile phone that allows them to stay in touch with our base to provide instantaneous information to our clients.

We set prices for transport for each load separately depending on the order received and the conditions for its implementation including charges for motorways, ferries, etc.

We organize collective transports that cover the cost of only kilometers with a load.